Australian Education

Australia has been welcoming international students for over a century, and today 500,000 students from more than 100 countries study at schools, English colleges, vocational training organizations and universities throughout Australia.

Why is Australia so popular with overseas students?


Students choose to study in Australia for many reasons, but their decision is usually influenced by 4 main facts: 

  • Australians have an international reputation for being friendly, open, relaxed and tolerant. Australia is a multicultural society and students quickly identify with communities of people from their own country now living in Australia. They can enjoy their Australian experience, yet still be close to "a little bit of home".
  • Australia enjoys economic prosperity, a stable government and a standard of living that is amongst the highest in the world. As a result, international students can feel safe, enjoying freedom through security and a quality of life equal to the best anywhere in the world.
  • Australia is world famous for its climate. Severely cold weather is unknown, and while summers can be hot in some areas, generally Australia enjoys a mild to warm climate with very few temperature extremes. Australia's largest cities regularly win first place in international rankings of the world's most livable cities.
  • Australian education is world-class. Its universities are well resourced, teaching standards are high and many Australian universities are world-leaders in a variety of fields of cutting-edge research. Australia also has a vocational education and training system that is regularly cited as world's best practice. Graduates from vocational training institutions are equipped with job-ready skills that are recognized by employers worldwide

International students can choose study options throughout Australia. Many regional or country (in-land) education providers offer courses that reflect their farming and agricultural heritage, but they also offer other core academic or vocational subjects. However, 80% of Australia's population lives within 50 km of the coast. Every state and territory capital city, (with the exception of Canberra, the Federal Capital), is located on, or very near, Australia's 50,000 km of coastline.Because of Australia's geography and climate, its way of life is characterized by healthy, fun outdoor living. Many cities have a strong beach culture, while other population centers have made their international reputation from their sun, surf and sand lifestyles. This Australian way of life is very attractive to international students.