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Testimonials - Students

Giulio Portas, Italy

“I was a student at Central College and went to MyQual International for education counselling to decide which uni to go to after I finished my diploma. When I was visiting MyQual International I had many questions and was unsure what to do about my future. MyQual International helped me to realise what was the best path for my future career and my life. They also helped me to extend my visa as part of the service. I am very grateful to MyQual International for helping me to do this. I am now studying a Bachelor of Accounting at Central Queensland University Sydney campus. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for advice about study in Australia.”

Carla Nardi, Brazil

Carla completed her Master of Multi-Media Design at the University of Sydney.”The support I got from MyQual International was essential to me when I was choosing my Masters degree course. There were so many good universities to choose and they helped me to find out which one was the best to suit my interests.MyQual International’s friendly and helpful staff gave me all the information I needed to take the best decision about my education in Australia. They also helped me with all the university forms, documents to be translated and my visa application.If you need competent support and information up to date I recommend MyQual International.”

Mostafizur Rahman, Bangladesh

“My name is Mostafizur Rahman. I am from Bangladesh. I finished my Diploma and then I went to MyQual International to get admission to University. I was admitted to University of New England with MyQual International’s help. Now I have finished my graduation and doing Masters. I am very happy and grateful to MyQual International. I would recommend anyone who are seeking help for Admission and Visa.”

Umesh Bohara, Nepal

“You feel secured with all services that MyQual International provides. Their very dedicated staff takes you very seriously. They provide counselling to your best interests. They also assist on whole visa extension process without extra chargesMyQual International is the place for great educational institutions and personalised counselling. I am currenlty studying at Charlies Sturt University Sydney for my Bachelor degree course.”

Saroj Ghimire, Nepal

“I, Saroj Ghimire, a regular client of MyQual International, would like to give high recommendation regarding immigration and educational services MyQual International provided to me. I applied permanent residency application through MyQual International and I am fully satisfied with their services, especially, I appreciate Miss Sagun Lohani who did good job to me.MyQual Interational is the best place to go for further education and immigration purposes.”

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